Budget Concerns




It takes leadership to tackle the current budget concerns facing the City of Sparks. Thanks to Ron and the entire Sparks City Council working as a team the City of Sparks is leading the way by example in Washoe County.

Ron Smith, as well as the Mayor and the rest of the City Council, have been leading the way with wage and benefit concessions for the past several years.. Ron say's, "it's the right thing to do. If we ask the city's employees for concessions, then we must lead the way to help balance our budget."

"Our community is growing," says Ron Smith. He continues, "As our city and the entire region grows, the infra-structure must grow as well. Transportation is an issue of concern right now, and will be an even bigger issue in our future. The City of Sparks is meeting these challenges head on with pro-active leadership.  The City of Sparks is in good hands with the current City Council. We're ahead of the game on all issues."

Ron adds, "There's nothing more important than the concerns of the citizens of Sparks." Pointing to the phone on his desk Ron says, "Your City Council is accessible and

we want to hear your concerns. We are all citizens of Sparks. Working together we have achieved positive results."

The Sparks City Council always has your best interest in mind with every decision made concerning the city budget. Ron Smith states proudly, "The City of Sparks has the best roads in the County. In the last Annual Pavement Index for Sewer and Roads, the City of Sparks received a rating of 86 which was the highest in the region."