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Sparks Rebranding:

Ron Smith serves on the Tour Mark (Tourism and Marketing) committee as Chairman. While recognizing that Sparks' roots stem from the railroad, Ron helped spearhead the rebranding efforts to better reflect today's direction. "It's Happening Here" is a reflection of what Sparks does best. "Special Events".

"With everything we are doing we are trying to be positive" says Ron Smith. "The rebranding was important in our overall plan to make the City of Sparks a favorite tourist destination. We have a lot to offer in the way of special events and we are doing a good job. Sparks does special events very well and we want to continue our family oriented events and marketing of those events. There are new events coming to Sparks as well, including the National Jet Ski Races to be held at the Sparks Marina, and , most recently, the Dragon Boat races. This is an exciting time for the City of Sparks and I am proud to call Sparks my home town!"